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Vienna Art Orchestra Poster

  If you want a "taste" of the VAO sound, you can find here some sample audio files. They are not the full tracks, as not to violate copyrights, and also to make their download time reasonable.

  The files are stereo MPEG Layer-3 (mp3), at a bitrate of 128 Kb/s and sampling rate of 44.1-48 kHz. A good mp3 player is WinAmp.

  Click the track name to download the audio file, or click the album name to jump to the related album description.

Sample / Full
Time [min]
Variations About N 508-10 (4G) From No Time to Rag Time 1 00:52 / 10:43 817
Reflections on Sévère Réprimande The Minimalism of Erik Satie 3 00:46 / 02:55 729
Song 3 (based on Zoge am Boge) Five Old Songs 3 01:32 / 04:32 1,440
When Blue Serpents Refuse to Dream in Prison Inside Out CD 1 5 00:46 / 02:55 815
Dedicated to L.N. Inside Out CD 2 2 00:27 / 06:33 438
Les Oiseaux Extraordinaires standing...WHAT? 9 00:49 / 05:50 770